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Nokia colorful emails

May 24, 2009 at 10:26 by Martina Comments

Nowadays to create an original, creative website to present a mobile phone is a hell of a challenge. We’ve seen (almost) everything. Like in the case of the automotive industry creativity seems to be the hardest word. Competition is fierce, differentiation is weak, money isn’t always there. So what should an agency do to introduce a new Nokia mobile phone which wants to challenge the Blackberry?


Try, for example, with a colorful and engaging interface. Then create a video which uses pictograms a smart way. Shake everything together and then add a tiny smart widget that give a touch of originality to your emails. Visit the new Nokia E75 website to experience all of this.


Clean, simple and effective in delivering the message. Very nice work.


The agency is Farfar.

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3 Responses to Nokia colorful emails

  1. Chomp says:

    Guys can we please stop doing gimmicky and fly by night microsites …evolve

  2. Bill says:

    This website kinda sux. Certainly heaps of other mobile phone sites that wipe the floor with this one.

  3. Pozz says:

    To comments specialists,
    Can you please stop criticizing as if your idea was a general perception of other people’work. Thank you.
    or unless you show YOUR work to compare ;)

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