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Nikesportswear Stories

May 28, 2009 at 9:37 by Martina Comments

I’m happy to share with you our latest work to present the Nikesportswear Summer collection to the Italian audience and drive awareness (and possibly sales :-) through


On Nikesportswear Stories we tried to bring to life the concept behind the NSW which is “designed for sport remixed for life”. We shot a super fast series of photos with two athletes (a volleyball player and a footballer) and two DJs, showing them in moments of their daily life.

The end result is a slightly frenetic video where each Nikesportswear item worn is highlighted and then fully described on a dedicated page.


I like the fact that we managed to also picture in the project the Italian heritage and beautiful variety. You can see the big cities Rome and Milan, but also Bologna, and even a small village close to Genova, Sori. No matter where you live, and what you do in your life, Nikesportswear can fit your style.


Another thing I can add about the project, is that we all had a lot of fun shooting it, and I think you can also tell this from the pictures. The four “models” look like they were enjoying the experience and this is great (and rare), especially when you happen to work with the athletes.


The music is by Carola Pisaturo, the DJ and producer you can get to know also through the images on Nikesportswear Stories itself.
The agency is Sartoria Comunicazione.

3 Responses to Nikesportswear Stories

  1. Great concept and cool web-site! :)
    Nike lovers are the best!

  2. Fcinq says:

    Congratulations! A beautiful, smart and efficient project.

  3. Cherilynn Stone says:

    Congratulations! I am sure you enjoyed the project!

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