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Mobile Apps according to Contagious

May 29, 2009 at 10:31 by Martina Comments

Recently, the guys at Contagious, sent me a complimentary copy of their latest report dedicated to Mobile Applications in 2009. Having developed an iPhone application myself (see Nike Goal post) I’m extremely interested in the topic and I have to say this report offers good food for thought, both for beginners and more “mature” marketers. I like it because it features the right balance of numbers, tips for brands, consumer insights and ideas’ review which, in my opinion, represent the ideal mix to inspire new projects.


One thing I tend to forget is the fact that there is life beyond the iPhone. An amusing quote ’98% of creative directors have an iPhone. 1% of actual people have one’ and several practical examples brought me back to reality. Yes, I’m a geek girl, and I work in digital marketing but I can’t really think of getting myself another mobile device (after the iPhone and the BlackBerry) to keep the pace of all the innovation in mobile. It’s better to read some good blogs (like Textually and Mobile Marketer for example) and rely on detailed analysis like the Contagious one :-)
What about you? What is your favorite device as a user? And as a marketer, which mobile device do you think is more effective?
You can get an extract of the Contagious report here. If you want to buy it, you can get in touch with Stephane Sheyven.

One Response to Mobile Apps according to Contagious

  1. Sasha says:

    iphone opened the era of apps, no doubt. they are the best to my mind, in that field. me, personally, prefer nokia, because of phone functions. but we don’t have bb or android in Russia, looks like won’t have new palm soon, as well. i am sure, there will be an intersting battle between all of them.

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