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Palmeiras, where’s the shirt?

June 2, 2009 at 10:22 by Martina Comments

In Brazil, Adidas is running a Cluedo style game to support the launch of the Palmeiras replica. A video announced a few weeks ago that the Palmeiras shirts have misteriously disappeared. And the team supporters can help finding the guilty thief.


On Minha Segunda Pele (My second skin) visitors are challenged to find out which of the weird Palmeiras supporters has stolen the shirts of the club.


For each character players access a series of information that can help them solving the case. I’m a bit late with this post, if you want to play, you’ll better do it asap, as on June 4th the solution will be announced.


Even if (for obvious reasons) I don’t share the same approach to Club replicas’ marketing, I can still say I appreciate the art direction of the website. The illustrations really make the difference in the visuals, and contribute to make a basic guessing game interesting.



One Response to Palmeiras, where’s the shirt?

  1. UB says:

    I am always interested with the Addidas advertising concepts. Creative.

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