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Your tweet, your Volkswagen

June 17, 2009 at 7:48 by Martina Comments

Nice to discover interesting content via Twitter. Yesterday, for example @_RGA posted about this rich media banner that profiles your tweets and gets back to you with the reccomendation of the ideal Volkswagen for you.

I love the idea, simple and smart. Probably at the moment it cannot work everywhere in the world, but in the countries where Twitter is hot, it’s a cool, tactical way to connect a brand to its consumers.


My result is “Golf”. Yeah! I bought myself a Polo three years ago, I know it’s now to “upgrade”!

10 Responses to Your tweet, your Volkswagen

  1. Mike says:

    Mine is a WW BUG :D LOL, gr8 idea, i want to know, which words and why led me to that car.

  2. Amy Shropshire says:

    What a cool idea! Nice way to be engaging and not just “buy this car!”

  3. Daniel Granatta says:

    We did those banners for Crispin Porter + Bogusky, hope they’re gonna be uploaded to a URL because there are more of them :)

  4. DCUrbanDad says:

    Cool ad, but I don’t want a VW GTI. I want a Touareg.

  5. Mefused says:

    How did “camping” get me a 4 door sedan? … moving right along.

  6. I’ve also posted the banner here:
    I think if there have to be banners, this example is one that is engaging. Bravo!

  7. rene says:

    very cool, like to know the method that scrobbels through the tweets to identify a car… kinda randomizer?

  8. Arthur says:

    Great way to engage audience attention on Twitter. Nice work.

  9. These type of generators are always fun. Great campaign.

  10. sanket says:

    Brilliant Idea.

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