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Konica Minolta: light and poetry

June 17, 2009 at 3:28 by Martina Comments

Weird enough, this is the second post in a few days that talks about digital and poetry. Dani wrote the other day about the BBC cool way to promote a poetry show online. Now I post about this piece of work launched by Konica Minolta to introduce OLED lighting to the masses.


Ok, I admit I’m a kind of sensitive person… but I really like the softness and kindness of the website. Recreating the emotional impact of the light online wasn’t easy, and I think they managed to make content interesting and pleasant.


So my question is: can beauty (in visuals, in music etc…) make the difference in making content interesting? In Konica Minolta case, even if I wasn’t interested in the topic, the atmosphere attracted me and made me discover the whole (bit boring) story. It was interesting to see a technology company taking the same approach luxury brand usually have to online communication.


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