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Cannes ’09

June 18, 2009 at 8:29 by Mark Comments

Well here we are at yet another Cannes festival. It’s sunny, it’s 31 degrees, it’s a town full of ad folk and Steve Ballmers boat is taking up the entire horizon.
We’re on the Cyber Jury this year so will post updates on what’s happening from the inside plus any other random stuff that may be cool to know.


The Cyber team this year is chaired by Lars Bastholm, Chief Digital Creative Officer of Ogilvy. He’s alo a nice dude, just like the rest of the jury members. We have already started and have another 5 days locked in a dark room getting the best down to the Grand Prix. This year we will award three GP’s. One for Websites, one for Viral and another for Online advertising.
I’ll post again tomorrow. Also Daniel will be here tomorrow and no doubt he will have some stuff to post on as well. Also follow me @issybella on twitter.

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