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Tour de France and social media, tres bien

July 9, 2009 at 9:34 by Mark Comments

This is the first time in which the Tour de France is happening in the middle of social media tools being so mainstream, so there has been some interesting tools built, besides Lance Armstrong twittering from inside the race.
First of all, one of the most talked about and probably one of the projects that will be highlighted in next year’s festivals, the famous Nike Chalkbot. If you’ve ever been a fan of these races, it’s pretty common that fans cheer up the participants writing messages on the floor. Chalkbot follows the same principle, send your 40 characters message and it will be drawn on the road by a machine.

Also, it’s weird (or different) enough as to be noticed by normal people even if they’re not frequent Twitter users, so it’s pretty common that press covering the event talks about the machine.

But that’s not the only thing being noticeable about this thing, reading Ana Andjelic‘s twitter i found Ubilabs, a beautiful site in which you can follow positions of race leaders through live data and real time tweets on Google Maps.
So, if you know of other applications on these subject, please let us know!

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