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Pimples you (might) like

July 20, 2009 at 9:45 by Martina Comments

From South Korea, a website with a nice interface to talk about a topic that is not so nice: acne. Cleocint is an antibiotic used to treat the problem, and as you can easily imagine, it is not an easy product to promote.

Usually to talk about pimples agencies either come up with something extremely funny (and disgusting) or extremely serious. In Cleocint’s case we see a different approach, probably more childish, but surely interesing and definitely not disgusting.

As usual when I share Asian websites, you don’t have to speak Korean to understand the experience. The interface is what I’d like you to focus on. Everything is pale yet calm and reassuring. Fortunately I never had acne but I appreciate how big the problem is for a teenager, and on the Cleocint website I have the feeling there is understanding and support to fight it.

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One Response to Pimples you (might) like

  1. Alexander Bickov says:

    Nice website. Beautiful graphic design

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