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Daffy’s new website

August 14, 2009 at 9:53 by Mark Comments

Clothing shop Daffy’s released a new website (by Freedom and Partners) a couple of weeks ago.

Besides having a really easy-to-use interface and beautiful product shots, i found really interesting this
specific section called the truck tracker, so you can be aware when the new collection hits the stores and then get it before anybody else (or you can also follow Twitter updates)

One Response to Daffy’s new website

  1. Carlo says:

    I think having a website that defaults to 100% Flash is the dumbest idea for a retail company. Especially a low-priced discount-oriented retail store. They really think this type of website appeals to the majority of their shoppers, they really think the majority of their shoppers will even have computers that can render the website smoothly and without freezing?
    Not to mention it doesn’t even have a mobile-friendly default.

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