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Battle for Milkquarious

October 11, 2009 at 7:06 by Mark Comments

Probably you remember this fantastic work that was released almost a year ago for the new Mario game for Nintendo Wii. One of the most interesting things about it (beyond its quality) consists on the category schizophrenia under which this piece was submitted to festivals. It’s a banner, but also a viral intended video, or a landing page or even an online branded content… but in the end, who cares about that?
Now, that was the first thing i thought when i saw a new website continuing the adventures of White Gold and Got Milk?, the one where Goodby Silverstein & Partners and Hi-ReS! have teamed up to create the first opera rock about milk: The Battle for Milkquarious, an hilarious and insightful (about milk) movie with new stories coming from the trip of White Tiger trying to save his beloved Strawberry Summers and finally discovering a terrible secret (LOL)
Besides that, there’s plenty of information and stuff on how to relive each scene, making-off, and so on, in a fantastic experience even though it’s not very much interactive, but the film is so great that does anybody care?
As in previous cases such as this one and this other one, “Battle for Milkquarious” is an online film shown under a URL instead of being in a video website, and i spent like twenty minutes in it because it was entertaining enough as to catch my attention that long, even if i don’t know, again, the category of that.

4 Responses to Battle for Milkquarious

  1. tom says:

    his name is white GOLD…

  2. thanks Tom! i updated it :)

  3. jddennis says:

    White Gold is probably one of the most amazing advertising campaigns, just for it’s sheer audacity. I love the stuff.

  4. Cinco Jotas says:

    “opera rock”???
    Don’t you mean, “rock opera”?

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