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Less garbage please

October 18, 2009 at 3:42 by Martina Comments

The title of this post could apply to a lot of situations. But this time we stick to the easiest link: garbage we produce in our daily life as consumers. Let’s face it, it’s a lot. It’s a monster quantity, bigger than a human being. But this amount of garbage can be reduced if only we start thinking before buying our goods. So let’s have a look at the campaign launched in France by DDB Paris to teach consumers a smart behavior in order to produce less garbage and create a “smaller monster”.


The initiative consists of a series of amusing videos which picture people in daily life situations: at the supermarket, at home, in the office. Each of us can reduce by 26 kg the amount of garbage produced, if only we start following the tips the videos offer us.

There is also a website with more detailed yet less amusing and interactive tips. But in the end the communication works pretty well. Tv creates curiosity and engagement, the Web gets more practical and to the point as probabl, in this case too much advertainment would deliver a weaker message.


2 Responses to Less garbage please

  1. Jean says:

    The problem is : until industrials will not make an effort to reduce packaging’s sizes, we won’t be able to shrink our yearly production of garbages…

  2. Marissa says:

    Even though, I can’t understand what they’re saying in the videos, I still think they are really good. It’s entertaining but still gets the message across. Also I like how it tells you how to reduce waste rather than just say why it is important to reduce waste. I also like the idea that the website is more informative than entertaining because it makes the message that much stronger.

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