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The Human Race Day

October 24, 2009 at 6:55 by Martina Comments

October 24, the day the world runs in the second edition of the Nike+ Human Race. In Argentina, you can follow the race live thanks to an innovative idea that transforms selected runners’ comments into text messages which get automatically published online.


On top of the smart use of technology I also like the PR power of this initiative as among the live tweeters during the race there is also a journalist who already has a good amount of followers on Twitter.
The race in Buenos Aires will begin at 16.00 local time. If you are GMT based it means in 40 minutes.
Get ready, watch it live here:


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2 Responses to The Human Race Day

  1. Lalo says:

    La intenci�n me pareci� interesante pero al ver el d�a de la carrera que los seguidores de estos personajes no eran ni 20 me di cuenta que no sirvi� de mucho por m�s prensa y viralidad que se le intente dar al tema. Esta vez para m� qued� s�lo en una buena intenci�n pero no gener� nada en la gente.

  2. Fernando says:

    Hi “Lalo” or whatever your real name is.
    According to the metrics we got through Google Analytics, the adservers, Nielsen and Twitter Search, our numbers are quite right.
    Just for your information, one of the journalists already had more than 1,300 followers the day of the race, as well as NikeCorre Argentina -who RTed each tweet of the 5 runners- had more than 1,100 additional followers. 6 more Twitter users (and I’m not talking about the other 4 runners yet) RTed each tweet in real time to their own followers…
    Sometimes, in order to give a point of view about some specific issues, you should do that from the inside and with all the data in your hands. From the outside, it’s just an opinion. Thanks anyway for your opinion.

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