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Trivial Pursuit battle of the sexes

November 4, 2009 at 8:55 by Martina Comments

The touch of sense of humour you won’t expect from such a traditional game like Trivial Pursuit: to promote the latest version of the game they launched an online challenge that cashes on a neverending rivalry. Can women prove they are smarter than men? And viceversa?


The game is fun (if you have an all-knowing personality :-) and also the video launched to support the action has the potential to generate quite a lot of buzz, especially because it cashes on images that are already pretty popular/successful.

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5 Responses to Trivial Pursuit battle of the sexes

  1. Karizmatic says:

    Now here’s a really simple and cool concept. The interface is also very easy to use. Nice work!

  2. Jackie says:

    I really like this promotion for Trivial Pursuit!
    It’s really nice to see that traditional board games (also including Monopoly with their recent Street View execution) being creative and innovative in the digital space.
    I do think the videos are a bit tired – in terms of the ‘fail’ aspect – but still funny and taking advantage of a popular style.
    Well done! :)

  3. djashish says:

    Well great concept..i have seen the same ad-film..with gals score increased exponentially when a gal starts crying.

  4. blu says:

    smart site and interface. actually really like the spots as well.

  5. Cristy says:

    I thought this whole “Trivial Pursuit Experiment” was pretty clever. It’s a unique way to attract customers to a typical board game.
    Usually, I think the whole video concept is overused; sometimes people forget the point of it. But I would definitely take the time to watch this. It’s humorous and continues with the theme of “battle of the sexes” really well. I actually want to play this game!

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