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Housekeeping goes social (and mobile)

November 13, 2009 at 10:39 by Martina Comments

Branded iPhone applications need one characteristic to be successful and appreciated by consumers: they need to be useful and, possibly, worth talking about to friends. I was quite doubtful when I received an email from Tide PR people promoting “The Tide Stain Brain”. But I was wrong, the insight the used and the service they want to provide is pretty good: a guide to stain removal, an application that helps consumers finding and sharing solutions for stains.


If you don’t have an iPhone you can still check out the online version of the app, not as since, but probably as useful.

4 Responses to Housekeeping goes social (and mobile)

  1. This tide app is really cool. I wish we could provide apps of this quality. They must have spent a lot for this app in development.

  2. Brooke Abney says:

    This is a perfect example of the evolution of the iPhone application. First, businesses created simple applications that provided a different marketing channel for new audiences. For example, BIC Lighters created an iPhone app that with a simple “flick” the phone created a flame.
    Now, brands can really engage consumers and create a relationship. Tide’s use of helpful tips and forum for discussion pool consumers around their brand. As different channels open for businesses to use to their benefit, marketers still have to find the creative edge to make their product stand out.

  3. Keri Allred says:

    Perfect illustration of how mobile marketing is revolutionizing the marketing world.

  4. Libby G says:

    Yeah the big BUT here is there were already two apps out there that do the same thing one branded by Purex and the other just a developer app. TIDE ripped it OFF.

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