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Hit the bitch

November 16, 2009 at 7:46 by Mark Comments

Sorry for the strong language, but this is the title of a new social campaign from Denmark. The campaign is literally in your face as you have to punch the featured girl to get the message. Most disturbing is that you want to go all the way through, which make you feel like a 100% idiot once finished. But the message, even though it’s in Danish, is very clear.
Schermafbeelding 2009-11-16 om 20.54.28.png

19 Responses to Hit the bitch

  1. David says:

    Most fun game I’ve ever played

  2. J says:

    Uh, so what is the message? That the more you beat a woman the more gangsta you become? I don’t get it.

  3. Paul Robertson says:

    I showed this to my friends at the pub, we had a blast, wish it gave you more options, like slapping the left (her right) side of the face.
    Subtitles would be good as well.
    Waiting for the sequel.

  4. Hendrix Jaffa says:

    That made me incredibly hard. More?

  5. SK says:

    I’ve got an idea for a new site - kick the man in the balls!

  6. Buzzing Bees says:

    This sucks in every possible way. It creates the exact opposite emotion of the briefing: instead of showing how bad it is to abuse woman, it makes it fun to slap a woman around. And then tries to fix everything by calling the user an idiot… Bad bad bad advertising!

  7. Annie J says:

    I agree with Buzzing Bees. The end message is too weak to counteract the desensitisation process that occurs with the graphical nature of the content. As for the image at the end of the injured woman we see this on tv every night so no surprises there. I’m sure Dahmer and Milat would get a kick out of this. Awful just awful.

  8. P says:

    David’s, Paul’s, and Hendrix’s reactions are exactly the reasons the campaign doesn’t work.

  9. Birgitte Berthelsen says:

    The campaign “Hit the bitch” is aimed to raise awereness for the beating of women and make fun of the popular “tough gansta”-image, who thinks women are nothing (e.g. calling women for bitches). In our danish culture, this is understood immediately when seeing this campaign. (sorry for the bad spelling). It (the game) is meant to be used as a background for a discussion about the treatment/abuse of women - and for young danish men (who are the target) - this is a strong and good way to reach these young men. They can play it - act tough and laugh loudly - but the message will sink in.

  10. Just a Answer says:

    the meaning of this game was to stand op for womans right…………..
    this game shows that she is just as crazy as the man which can be played….
    Border seeking is just as bad as violence, this game gives a bad example of an innocent woman….
    in turn makes the perpetrator more recognized for doing so…..
    there is too much litigation in this game….
    I love to communicate for example so it would not help when I not can respond with words, so who is basically ictim?….
    forget it the game is just out of limet….

  11. Gotta tell ya, I was a tad offended, then it turned into a video game.

  12. Mariyah says:

    The website does not serve its purpose. It is yet another attempt to degrade women, with a false claim to actually do the opposite. Sad that people are actually getting off to this, some of the comments on here make me sick. They should never have made this website. If you try to open this website now, it will say that because too many people are visiting it, it has been disabled for users outside Denmark.

  13. Alex Martin says:

    “it makes it fun to slap a woman around.”
    Only if you ignore the pitiful woman. The only reinforcement is an arbitrary number. You have to be a complete moron like the 1st and 3rd commenters (or the people they’re parodying) to enjoy it.
    The end message may be a bit weak (especially if you don’t speak Danish), but the actual game is pretty difficult to play without feeling distaste for wife-beaters.

  14. Anton says:

    I agree with BB, i’m looking forward to hit someone right now!
    One of the most unuseful campaigns I’ve seen this year. really poor one.

  15. Ras says:

    Yes, the message is too weak and from a danish speaker, the acting and voiceover is terrible. Not funny.

  16. Jigsaw says:

    You MEN are such a bunch of idiots, be careful someday you will find a woman who kick your fucking ass.

  17. AsgerJon says:

    The objective of this video is to get a very important message across: “Men should net hit women, even if the women are angering them.”
    Pretty simple, huh? Well…
    The problem is that a lot of young men are frustrated, and when they get drunk they are at risk of losing their temper and doing violence against a girl friend or wife. (In this campaign the subject is young girl friends).
    Of course most men would never use violence against women, but there a few men out there, who are seemingly not capable of controlling their anger, and this gets worse with alcohol.
    This video shows in very explicit details the situation, which leads to violence, so I suggest that you get this video spread around, because violence against women is not acceptable.
    My own personal view is this:
    Violence against women in from their boyfriends or husbands comes about through jalousy and that some men are incapable of dealing with their jalousy. What one should realize however is that jalousy is a perfectly natural and valid feeling. If you feel jalous, because your girl friend is dancing with some other guy, then that’s how you feel, and feeling jalous has thus nothing to do with your free will. Thusly there is no reason to feel guilty about feeling jalousy in and of itself. The problem comes about when you don’t know what to do with your feeling. I’d suggest you do the following, if you find yourself being jalous of something your girl friend has done:
    1. Try to shrug it off.
    In most cases your girl friend was just having a little fun.
    2. Okay guys, I know this sounds girly and everything, but it is just how it fucking is! Talk about it. Tell your girlfriend that she has made you jalous, then the ball is in her court. If then her responce is to start shouting “you have no right to feel jalous”, you should attempt to explain to her, how you have no free will over what you feel, and if she can’t understand this, and stays angry, then shrug it off, or find a new girl friend. Fortunately many girl friends will see the affection in you, which causes you to feel jalous. Think about it, you are feeling jalous because she means something to you, and girls are great at spotting that.
    3. If you are not mentally capable of shrugging it off, and you can’t talk about it with her, and you suddenly find yourself having hit her, then it’s time to seek fucking help!
    Remember, our free will is what makes us human, and it is what enables us to make choices, but it’s not an absolute ability by no means! You are simply not capable of choosing to feel happy, you have to earn and pursuit happiness. Likewise you cannot choose not to feel jalous, when you feel it! So I suggest you learn to accept this, and then to you ladies, remember that most of what men do, they are doing for you at some point, so cut us some slag, if we act like jerks every now and then! :D
    - AsgerJon -

  18. Sky says:

    I can’t wait till they make “Rape the Bitch” to “increase awareness”

  19. gtron says:

    I’m male and this campaign and you promoting it is bull shit. all the criticisms above are correct. I cannot even go see it, let alone think about going thru the motions on that site. SUCKS. and OFFENDS, please remove.

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