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Converse: buy, make play

November 18, 2009 at 9:30 by Martina Comments

Converse has recently launched a new brand website with ecommerce fully “embedded” in the experience. Navigation it’s pretty straightforward: buy, make or play. The first option is to buy in-line product, the second is to customise your shoes and the third is to be (slightly) entertained by the brand.


It’s all in Flash and, at first sight, I like it. As you know I’m a big fan of ecommerce websites that are more than product shopping windows and therefore also deliver a brand experience. Photography and graphics definitely make the difference, creating an atmosphere that is rather warm and relaxed.


However, the question is always the same, what about the ROI of beautiful websites? Do they attract only experienced users but keep away those who are less familiar with digital shopping? In fashion ecommerce, Yoox, whose website is rather flat visually but fantastic in terms of usability and shopping experience, is developing a terrific business. Is Yoox the example to follow or and exception?

3 Responses to Converse: buy, make play

  1. Tom says:

    I answer with another question: It’s really the Converse bussiness to sell products online?

  2. Olia says:

    the thing is that first of all goes an option of interaction with “internet people” who needs better user experience. However, quality website allows manufacturer to add sales volumes, while “internet-blind” people still can buy at usual shop.
    From other side, “good website” doesn’t mean complicated. even more, here we see the great example of simplicity, which is understandable with those who is weak in Internet technologies, and that is a chance, together with marketing communications, to attract more people to a brand both within Internet and offline.

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