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Interactive basketball on Youtube

February 9, 2010 at 2:11 by Martina Comments

It’s a weird day today posting about campaigns from our competitors… Anyway, after Puma, check out what Adidas has done in basketball. An interactive video taking great advantage of Youtube’s feature.


You can play with Dwight Howard slam dunks, make him fly higher or run faster or slower and therefore missing or completing the dunk. Quite nice also the possibility of changing the camera angle.

The thing that I also like is the fact that you cannot embed the video. You can play with it only within Adidas Basketball channel on Youtube, which is a smart way to “force” people to visit the page and possible become fans of it



3 Responses to Interactive basketball on Youtube

  1. Gopi says:

    Though I am not a huge fan of disabling embedding, I must say this is some kick ass innovation.

  2. seo says:

    Great campaign!
    Question, how they do this within YouTube ?

  3. Buzzing Bees says:

    Why like the disabled embedding? That is surely just a shortsighted demand from the client in order to force the consumer onto a page where his product is clickable. If embbeding was enabled, more people would see the video and the campaign would be a bigger success. Getting people to become a fan of the channel doesn’t do anything for the brand.

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