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Kia’s alternative check-ins. When the Place is a Car

May 12, 2011 at 4:34 by Martina Comments

Interesting use of Facebook Places by Kia Motors in Sweden (the agency is BerntzonBylund). Instead of asking people to check in at the Kia dealers, they asked them to “check in” at different Kia car models. 25 people were invited to do so, and with their check ins they spread the voice to 4500 people in one day.

It’s a nice, simple idea even if the execution is pretty basic. They could have built something more around it. Anyway, as a media first alternative use of Facebook Places, it reminds me a bit of the IKEA Photo Tagging campaign two years ago. I’m sure Facebook will very soon block the possibility to check at “things”. Only to relaunch the service at a more convenient time for them (read You can now Tag Pages in Facebook Photos). Do I remember this correctly or was the story different?

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