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Garnier, show me the numbers

May 24, 2011 at 2:39 by Martina Comments

Being a marketer on the client side, I always appreciate when agencies send me case studies that also provide some insights on the results of the campaign. Everything makes more sense if you know whether or not a great/good/decent creativity worked or did not work for the client. This campaign for Garnier Men by Publicis in Singapore is good, it uses a catchy tune but it’s also a kind of dejavu’. But it generated an increase in brand interaction by 600% and most of all it increased sales by over 630% in the first week. Results that make it worth sharing.

So please, if your client allows you, send us also the results of your creative executions. You don’t necessarily need to win a Cannes Lion to be considered successful. Delivering results for the brand should actually be the prize you’d want to win.

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