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#TurkcellTweet, you control the game

May 23, 2011 at 3:10 by Martina Comments

I like the idea of Twitter-based games. I mean, I like the idea of activating a large number of people to use Twitter as a “joystick” to control actions or situations. I think Mercedes has been the explore the path early this year, launching a program where you could drive a car with your tweets.

Now this project from Turkey, created by Rabarba for Turkcell takes the concept in a new direction. Possibly more fun and engaging. They started with a gift box and they put the smart phones in. Then they covered the box with post-its. Using a live video feed, they asked the twitter crowd to unpack the box by tweeting what was written on the post-its using the hashtag #turkcelltweet.

The result is quite interesting, but to be honest I really think you can go more crazy with this idea. What do you think?

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