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XXXX Beer and Mates Paradise

March 15, 2012 at 6:02 by Mark Comments

Your own private island hang-out with your mates. XXXX GOLD beer today announced it has acquired a 15-acre island on the Southern Great Barrier Reef, Australia – called ‘XXXX Island’.
Designed to be the ultimate destination for mates’ trips away, XXXX Island will offer Aussies the chance to experience what XXXX GOLD terms the ‘good life’ – a relaxing few days where you can do as little, or as much, as you want with activities including fishing, touch footy, beach cricket, swimming in the ocean or simply barbecuing the catch of the day with a beer in hand. I want to go there!!!

Visit the website here

The campaign was developed by BMF and the website was developed by Holler Sydney.
Before it officially opens in October, the team behind XXXX Island will be asking Aussies to share their thoughts on what would truly make the island the ultimate destination for those who love the good life. With very little on the island currently, XXXX GOLD is looking for ideas and suggestions on what they should build on or bring to the island, or what activities should be made available to mates who get the chance to stay for a few days.

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