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The Student Corner: Save your reputation on Facebook, wear the blurring t-shirt

May 23, 2011 at 9:22 by Martina Comments

New week, new cool student project to share. This time the idea comes from Holland and the creatives behind are Nanette Visser & Nik Sluijs. Again, social media is somehow involved in the project. It’s not about Facebook but rather about Hyves, the most popular social network in The Netherlands. You know when you go out with your friends and you have fun? I mean you have a lot of fun… maybe you drink a few drinks and then a couple more and then someone takes a picture of you doing something crazy. And the day after that picture gets uploaded on Hyves and your family, your girlfriend and maybe even your coworkers see it. And your reputation is gone forever.

Well, the good news is that you can keep having fun, and your friends can keep taking photo of you. Only, when they’ll upload the photo online, you face will not come out. Just a bunch of blurred pixels. You just need to wear the right t-shirt, the Beachmasters Blurshirt! And your reputation will be safe.

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