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Intel, The Museum of Me

May 31, 2011 at 3:13 by Martina Comments

Creating a rich web experience to take users through their life as they shared it on Facebook is no longer something new. The challenge is now who does it better. I loved the Deutsche Post infographic project we posed about a few weeks ago. But now Intel gets all the attention and attempts to become my favorite one.

The Museum of Me is beautiful. The soundtrack makes it poetic and elegant. Kind of sophisticated, I would say and surely quite different from the similar projects we have seen in the past.

This said, its usability sucks. You cannot play/pause/rewind/forward the video. You cannot replay the video right after watching it for the first time. And even the call to action link to an Intel page at the end of the experience doesn’t work and gives a “page not found message”. Come on guys, that’s such a newbie mistake. An experience is not just making something aesthetically beautiful. If it doesn’t work, or if it doesn’t work as it should, you fail. But maybe only in the eyes of super picky advertising geeks like us…

Found this through a friend on Twitter. Anyone knows the agency?

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