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Lidl, first class for all

June 1, 2011 at 12:44 by Martina Comments

Leo Burnett Iberia has came up with a good idea to promote Lidl (the low cost food chain) on the Portuguese market. They invited a famous chef to shop at Lidl and prepare a special lunch to be served on board of a plane flying to Cancun.

The idea, which reminds me a bit of the Spanair Christmas project, generated a great “wow” effect among passengers.

Sure, it’s a nice case study, I love the idea and I wish Delta would do the same instead of serving the crappy overpriced food it serves. But I’m not sure the effort is worth the result. Creative geeks like us will celebrate the idea, but how many consumers actually were exposed to it? Please don’t tell me it’s a brand initiative. With all due respect I don’t think branding is the priority for Lidl. So, show me the numbers and I’ll give you the (full) glory!

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