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Live Frog, Save the Frog

June 14, 2011 at 4:42 by Martina Comments

Technology keeps surprising me. I didn’t know you could use video content streamed via a webcam to a feed live an advergame. The challenge this time is pretty easy: you are a frog and you need to cross the street without being run over. But the street is not just “a” street, it is a major route in Sao Paulo that is streamed live on Facebook.

So the cars are not fictional/virtual cars, but they are actually real cars passing by. I played when in Brazil it was 3 am, and it wasn’t difficult. But I bet the game becomes harder in rush hours.

The idea by Ogilvy has been developed to support Allianz’ campaign aimed at promoting a safe an healthy lifestyle on the streets.

Give it a try here:


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