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Coopers Pale Ale Strategy: Good or bad?

July 5, 2011 at 3:44 by Mark Comments

***UPDATE*** Looks like a fan intervention.
Interesting watching Coopers Pale Ale strategy using social media. They are using the ‘friend’ route rather than the ‘fan’ route. Seems to be working (loads of follows in past 24hrs) but they will struggle when it comes time to integrate campaigns into the ‘friend’ platform. Will the 5K limit kill them and lose all the friends/brand advocates they already have?

But adding +1 friend to anyone who friends is a bonus for anyone who lives in the world of ‘number of friends is king’!!

Some comments from our facebook page say:

via Thomas “That’s very interesting since it is so easy now to go with a straight page rather than profile. I wonder what their reasoning for taking the less traveled route is as well as showing that they are in an “open relationship” with that girl. Should make for a cool case study.”


via Lev

“Not the best strategy in my opinion: they have a 5000 friend-limit + they’re violating the fb rules…”

IDEA Plus Communications says:

They might get deleted by FB , and loose all those friends, that can be really bad & sad for the brand . They are violating the FB rules…

Let’s see what happens in the next 24hrs :)

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