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Parental Control for Football addicts

July 7, 2011 at 2:41 by Martina Comments

Football (I mean, soccer) is more than a passion. In some countries, and Brazil is one of those, football is a faith. Once you have a favorite team, your loyalty to such team will last forever. And you expect your children to follow your same worship and support the same team you support… So, if you have been nodding while reading the previous couple of sentences, you will simply love this idea made in Brazil.

BandSports is a plugin for your browser to control and block if needed the content your children access online. Download and install the app, select your favorite team and the team you hate the most. If your kids will try to look up some “dirty” content on Youtube (meaning related to the team you hate), the application will filter the results, it won’t display any image from that team, but rather the winning goals of your club. Love it. They should localize the app to other countries as well!!

We missed it last year when it first came out, but it’s good that they just won a lion in Cannes so that we can post about it.

The agency is Ogilvy Sao Paulo.


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