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Doritos presents: The rise & fall of Esteban Ortega

July 9, 2011 at 10:50 by Martina Comments

Very cool integrated campaign just released by Doritos in the UK. The rise & fall of Esteban Ortega is a beautiful 2 minutes TVC supported by an additional gaming layer to activate consumers on Facebook or through their mobile devices, both iOS and Android.

Esteban Ortega is the Paul Gascoigne of chip flick. And this beautiful, even emotional, short movie tells his story. Photography is aweome. And I like the use of a witty sense of humor.

If you want to play the game on Facebook this is the link.

Interesting to note, at least for me, the rise of Android mobile branded games. Releasing an app for iOS is no longer enough to reach a broad audience as Android devices are becoming more and more popular and rich of cool interactive capabilities. I also appreciate the fact that even if there is a promotion associated with the advergames, you can still download and play them even if you leave outside the UK. A good example of a global brand that thinks global.

Update: however, as some readers commented on Twitter, the TVC is great. The advergames are just average. I kind of agree. It would have been still a great campaign with the TVC without the advergames, but not viceversa.

The agencies are AMV BBDO with The Glue Society.

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