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Doritos Create a Threesome

on July 22, 2012 by Mark Comments

[via ads of the world] Fitzroy Amsterdam has developed a very bold new campaign for the new Doritos flavour: Sensational Salsa. It gives young people the chance to invite two complete strangers to form a threesome with them. Aptly named Skip or Trip! If these two strangers do not respond within 9 hours, they will be stuck with each other. Creating the chance that you will be going on a Late Night Triangle Trip to Moscow, Istanbul and Berlin, to experience the nightlife each city has to offer. Read more…

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Doritos experience some Paranormal Activity

on December 27, 2011 by Tim Comments

SuperBowl 46 is already casting ahead its long shadow. And as the official TV ads get crafted and polished for February 6, Doritos hold their regular public competition for its own entry. There are a million bucks at stake and a chance for the winner to work with “I’m on a boat” comedy stars, The Lonely Island. Take a peek at this ‘Paranormal Activity’ spoof by Max Gutierrez. Read more…

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Doritos presents: The rise & fall of Esteban Ortega

on July 9, 2011 by Martina Comments

Very cool integrated campaign just released by Doritos in the UK. The rise & fall of Esteban Ortega is a beautiful 2 minutes TVC supported by an additional gaming layer to activate consumers on Facebook or through their mobile devices, both iOS and Android. Read more…

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Doritos ID3: this is entertainment

on July 29, 2009 by Laurent Comments

It looks like brands and agencies have been starting to get the best out of Facebook Connect. After Prototype or Frenzied Waters, here comes Doritos with its ID3 advergame.

This campaign is to support the launch of Doritos new product innovation: a limited edition mystery flavour, “ID3″, that consumers have to guess . Once again, when the tortilla chips brand owned by PepsiCo plays with technology, it does it in a consistent and relevant way, not just as a pretext. As you will see in this case, it does not do things half. I must say I am quite impressed by the level of production of this campaign. I like the way it mixes interactive first person video as well as 3D tools. Adding the integration of personal content, thanks to Facebook Connect, Doritos delivers a successful immersive experience.

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Free your Dorito with augmented reality

on May 31, 2009 by Martina Comments

Augmented reality is the idea of the month. Even if it has been out there for at least a year or so, in the last month the buzz around it has literally exploded. A lot of marketers are excited by the wow effect augmented reality can generate, but fortunately another good number of bloggers and marketers have a more realistic approach to the idea. Advertising Lab writes “Augmented reality is the new Second Life“, SuperCollider blogs about “Augmented Reality, Second Life, and the trough of disillusionment“. I share their same feelings and concerns. It’s a bit like QR codes as well. Everywhere in the world (a part from Japan and South Korea probably) there is a lot of buzz around them, advertising agencies sell them as “the coolest thing” to naive clients, but numbers are not there to support the investment. Augmented Reality could suffer of the same problems, since it strongly relies on consumers having a webcam, and be willing to spend five minutes to understand what the brand ask them to do to enjoy the experience. If you use augmented reality only to promote your product or to simply entertain consumers than you are late and already out-of-fashion. The third (or even the second) comer already cannot count on the wow-effect. But but but, augmented reality can still have a future, like any other digital gadget, if it’s used in a smart, really interactive way, with the end goal of providing an added value to the end consumer.

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