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Fleet Commander: Attack the Death Star

July 14, 2011 at 9:38 by Tim Comments

Fleet Commander is the result of a 3 year long project at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory by computer science grad student Arthur Nishimoto. It turns an already impressive 20-foot multitouch screen into a gigantic strategy game.

Using original Star Wars soundscapes, visuals and effects the game seems to come straight out of the StarWars universe. You can almost hear Admiral Ackbar yell “It’s a trap” in the background.¬†Retrace the history of Arthur’s project on his blog – and make sure to also check out the EVL’s channel itself.

I am pretty sure George Lucas’ people are already on the phone to Arthur, closing the deal on licensing his work for a theme park. But just as easily I can see brands that license StarWars (e.g. Lego and Adidas Originals) using such large screen interactions to help their wares come alive in flagship stores.

via @manisac13 on Amnesiablog

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