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MTV gives a shit

August 10, 2011 at 4:16 by Tim Comments

Next time you drop your pants and take a dump, you can also show that you really care. Use “those moments of God-given contemplation while on the toilet” to make a difference. For pandas and whales, against overfishing, diseases, floods, riots or hunger. And since smart phones have changed how we poop anyway, why not use social media to tell your friends about it?

As with all good social media campaigns you can earn badges in the form of shiticons, a shitometer measures the amount of shit people give and the logo clearly hints at a “shit ribbon” being available (Yikes!). Twilight star Nikki Reed talks us through her new bathroom habit:

Backed by MTV this is clearly not a real charity. pokes fun at the global awareness business (make people aware = job done). One confused commenter on YouTube called it “The ultimate in Slacktivism!” which hits the turd pretty much on the head.

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