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Uniqlo New York City Voices

August 10, 2011 at 6:12 by Tim Comments

From fashion brand Uniqlo comes another beauty in terms of interface, design and atmospheric soundscape, this one spreading the word about the opening of their Manhattan flagship stores. “NYC voices” are charming portraits of 13 creative, influential and socially active New Yorkers, telling us about their work and life in the city. Rather than bleating about the shops themselves, the brand politely pays tribute to the city it is about to become part of - very Japanese I must say.

“NYC Voices” has a slightly unusual way of animating and navigating and yet immediately makes sense. And how often do we get annoyed by a soundtrack that butts into the experience and makes you scramble for the ‘sound off’ button? Not so in the case of Kenji Ozawa’s ‘The River’ which even manages to complement the interviews nicely.

Check blogs like The Coolhunter and Adventures of Yoshi and get packing for a trip to New York - and make sure to drop into one of the Uniqlo stores while you are there. Japanese agency Projector - who brought us Museum of Me, Uniqlock, Calendar and Lucky Line - will surely collect some more trophies for New York City Voices.

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