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Kiwibank Green Ops

August 15, 2011 at 12:40 by Tim Comments

How many times have you heard a state-owned bank use first person shooter game words like ‘ops’ (as in operatives) , ‘deprogramming’ and ‘rehab’? And where you see agents in a secret vault and alarm bells going off? In fact Kiwibank had no inhibitions and launched a series of interactive online videos on YouTube, urging you to break free from bad banking experiences. The Green Ops are ready for the rescue.

Click through to the GreenOps YouTube channel as the overlays only work on the site. Quite a gutsy move for the government-controlled KiwiBank in such volatile financial times. By the way this is not to be confused with a pretty funny gaming geezer running a machinima series called Green Ops.

They say that the unusual projects in New Zealand get made because there isn’t enough middle management to slow them down. Seems like this is one of those projects. Agency is Ogilvy Auckland.

via CampaignBrief

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