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Zombies, Ninjas and a driver on fire: Gymkhana 4

August 18, 2011 at 12:39 by Tim Comments

It is impossible to ignore the ever growing phenomenon of Gymkhana films, starring DC shoes co founder Ken Block. In this fourth installment he is speeding around the UniversalStudio lot, hooning past Bates’ Motel and Jaws, spinning around a Gorilla on a jet-powered Segway and the guys from Epic Meal Time, all ending in a …. well, you better watch it yourself.

It is quite a feat to rack up tens of million of views for an almost 10 minute product demonstration of Ford Fiesta and DC wear. Gymkhana is a property, almost a genre in itself, that could only live online. With the fourth part they have added a Tour de Force through icons of classic and modern entertainment, filled with pure adolescent awesomeness (and blatant long logo shots).

It is envied by carmakers around the world and was emulated recently (less irreverent and in more style) by BMW M series.

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