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Levi’s Roadwear, maps & denim

August 29, 2011 at 9:00 by Martina Comments

BBH Asia Pacific has created an interesting website for Levi’s. Using Google Maps they turned denims into continents you can navigate. Moving from city to city you can discover a beautiful illustration overlaying the collection and unveil nonsense stories of a fictional (?) rock band.

To be totally honest the storytelling is a bit too exaggerated and kind of pointless, but I love the concept behind the navigation and the originality of the idea to make you explore the collection.

Unfortunately, as often still happens, once you explore the product there is no link to the online store. And this, with all the due respect, in 2011 is kind of silly. I know Levi’s hasn’t got an online store in Australia, but I think that if you create a website like this, with such a strong focus on product you naturally create and interest and an expectation in the consumer to be able to buy straight away. Don’t you agree?

PS: the website is a few months old.
PS2: the illustrator is Kristal Raelene Melson, check out her website for additional great works.

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