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The Durex Fortune Teller

September 15, 2011 at 9:42 by Martina Comments

Talking about sex in Taiwan still seems to be a cultural taboo. So for a brand like Durex giving away samples and increasing product as well as safe sex awareness has always been a big challenge. But there is another interesting cultural insight: Taiwanese people frequently visit fortune-tellers to get opinions of their fate in wealth, health and especially love. With this in mind Ogilvy came up with a smart idea: Xerud - The Lover’s Fortune Teller.

Durex created several unbranded fortune-telling sample machines which were placed in discos and bars. Interacting with Xerud consumers were able to receive predictions around their future sex life, also receiving a product sample for their next lucky date… Smart!

The results of the campaign are pretty impressive. Usually a street promoter gives away about 23 samples per hour. Xerud handed out an average of 77 per hour.

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