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Uniqlo Innovation Project

September 16, 2011 at 7:12 by Martina Comments

Summer is almost over, the cold season is about to kick-in and it’s therefore time to go shopping! And, better, in our case, to discover how fashion brands are launching their Fall/Winter collections. The best place to start is of course Japan where, once again, our expectations are not disappointed by Uniqlo. The Japanese brand has just launched a new website called Uniqlo Innovation Project.

Fall/Winter products are presented in a sort of infinite catwalk where product characteristics are brought to life through icons and minimal animations. But the nicest part, in my opinion are the robotic models moving to apparently incidentally to highlight the product features. Clean, simple, effective. Uniqlo once again proves us why product websites should still exist and how they should be created to be worth visiting.

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