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Grand Prix of Roggel

September 28, 2011 at 12:36 by Mark Comments

Vodafone is going to provide fiber internet in The Netherlands. One of the first places to be connected is a quiet little village called Roggel. The introduction campaign centered around the question: “Is slow Roggel ready for fast fiber?” To get the answer, the smallest Grand Prix ever was organised, including Jenson Button.

To find out if Roggel is ready for the fast fiber network, Vodafone’s fastest, F1 driver Jenson Button, challenged Roggels fastest in the Grand Prix of Roggel. The fastest locals were selected through several local society’s and clubs, en three of them got into the simulator to drive against Button.

Achtung is responsible for this campaign, while director Andreas Pasvantis signs for the documentary.

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