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Beck’s Sobriety Test

October 5, 2011 at 6:15 by Martina Comments

In Serbia, Beck’s beer has launched a mobile app as an extension of their “When I drink, I don’t drive” campaign. It’s a super simple sobriety test: prove you are sober by inserting a key into a moving keyhole (you need to keep the key in for 25 seconds). If you cannot make it, then the application will automatically call a taxi that will come to pick you up and drive you home.

The application features a GPS service, so the taxi will know exactly where to find you.

I’m a big fan of advertising campaigns that promote road safety. So I like this one almost by default. If I can add a comment, I would just say that if you are drunk, even hitting the right icon to activate the application could prove challenging :)

Jokes apart I actually do question the effectiveness of an application in promoting healthy and sage behaviors. I feel too much effort is asked to the users (find out about the app & download it) and also there is an expectation that people will use it when they are drunk. I wonder how they will remember…

So yes, this is a brilliant branding exercise. But I would like to see something more concrete and effective to promote road safety.

The agency is Leo Burnett Belgrade, Serbia.

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