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Augmented Reality gets personal with Lacta and Guinness

December 19, 2011 at 10:14 by Tim Comments

Brands have often used Augmented Reality (AR) to reveal hidden content. Hold your phone up to a marker and discover animations, videos or games. But AR is increasingly becoming a way for consumers to attach and deliver their own personal messages. Like a love note virtually connected to a chocolate bar.

Greek chocolate brand Lacta has a long tradition of TVCs in which lovers use the bar itself to send a heartfelt message (see below).

With OgilvyOne’s mobile app for Lacta, Greeks can now turn their emotional verse into an animation. It gets played when the chocolate bar is held up to the sweetheart’s phone.

Guinness on the other hand lets drinkers virtually decorate a real Guinness glass and share the result as a Christmas message among (hopefully Guinness-loving) friends.

Canadian AR company Total Immersion has produced numerous AR projects and are now offering a customisable AR studio. Get a gift card and record your personal video greeting along with it.

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