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The instagram menu

October 15, 2012 at 10:03 by Bridget Comments

Who hasn’t taken food photos on instagram?  A new NYC restaurant has jumped on this insight and turned instagram into a service for diners, rather than just using it for a photo competition (as most campaigns do).   A sobre menu design ends with an invitation to take a look at the dishes on instagram via the hashtag #comodomenu

Although there are currently not a lot of photos on instagram actually using the hashtag (around 30 at the time of writing this post) it’s still a nice idea.  If it takes off, diners can enjoy a fun new way to choose their dish (without it feeling like a tacky chinese photo menu) and the restaurant will enjoy the earned media as diners share the content with their {instagram} friends.

Credits : Raul Mandru, Mihai Botarel, Mihnea Gheorghiu.

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