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Don’t click it, just pin it

October 16, 2012 at 6:35 by Martina Comments

There are banners you can click, there are banners you can like, there are banners you can buy from. And, now, there are also the banners you can “pin”. This new idea comes from Gucci that has recently created an online media unit with the call to action to “pin” the campaign image on Pinterest. The idea is quite interesting, and it’s probably a media first, but I’m not sure it’s delivering good results in terms of generating awareness of the luxury brand presence on the visual social network.

Most of all, I would point out that it’s clear the conflict of interest between the Gucci Brand guys and the Gucci E-commerce team. “Pin it” or “click here to shop online at“? That’s a good question for a consumer that has already proved more than shy in clicking on banners.

As said, looking at the number of followers of the Gucci’s Pinterest page, conversion rates don’t seem to work very well (we, in comparison, almost have more followers than they do…). So one starts to wonder if the image to pin was compelling or beautiful enough. Innovate in formats, innovate in placements, perfect. But never forget the good old rules of engagement: give consumers something worth clicking on!


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