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Crash Weddings like a Pro

January 10, 2012 at 12:16 by Tim Comments

R/GA’s Eric Schlakman has come up with an evil geniusĀ app that might change the face of many wedding parties to come. Using publicly available data from wedding directories ‘Crash Corsage’ lets you find weddings in your vicinity, tells you the couple’s names, a few details about how they met and the required dress code.

The soon to be released application even lets you check into the location and compete against other Owen Wilson-wannabees: rank your achievements (including the ultimate ‘hook up with another guest’) and post photos of you at the wedding.
The one that noone had invited you to.

I think it is fantastic when agency people build their own projects to this degree. Shows you that you don’t always need a big budget.
Sign up for early notification on the app from the site here.


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