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Advertising – what a small world

February 27, 2012 at 1:11 by Tim Comments

Have you ever bumped into an old colleague (now working at a competitor agency), and said to yourself: ‘Advertising, what a small world!’. That’s what we did at Publicis Mojo and were promptly inspired to create these 20 small agency planets. Sydney’s advertising elite as tiny worlds. And a challenging game to recognise their HQs.

A big help was Ryan Alexander’s web app ‘Street View Stereographic’ that we wrote about earlier this month. It creates a “little planet” from any Google Street View. Simply type in the geographic location in the search bar. As we did in the below for our own ‘little’ agency Publicis Mojo. You can see the full Sydney gallery on our blog.

Maybe we can start a wave of these agency planets from around the world?

Publicis Mojo as a little planet

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