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The Guardian & the Three Little Pigs

March 5, 2012 at 9:37 by Martina Comments

British newspaper The Guardian is out with a major campaign to promote the concept of open journalism across media. The point of view chosen to deliver the message is absolutely surprising and fantastic. BBH London created an ad based on the Three Little Pigs, envisioning how the paper would cover the story of the pigs’ arrest for killing the Big Bad Wolf.

The creative choice for the storytelling is fabulous and production is awesome. However when it comes to the message that the ad delivers, I have contrasting feelings. The intent is to celebrate open journalism, and therefore The Guardian’s ability to tell a story at 360 degrees, but after watching the spot I was more left with terrible feeling that today’s media have the power to manipulate information more than ever before. A fairy tale can completely change meaning if the story intentionally and culpably misrepresented, even if the subject is covered from every angle and every platform.

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