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Google – Project Re:Brief

March 12, 2012 at 10:20 by admin Comments

It is getting harder to find things which are actually new. Those ones that make you stop everything you are doing to log in to your blog and write your impressions about what you saw. Sharing has become a commodity. You have not even finished seeing something and you already share it. Sometimes you share without even seeing it. A friend of yours recommends it and, because you trust their good taste, you pass it on. The text turns into, best case scenario, either a compliment or a brief description of what you are passing on.

It has become natural behavior, since nowadays all contents created start from the premise of being passed on. Whichever means it takes to do it. And more and more a greater amount of brands, vehicles and people have succeeded in this way of generating spontaneous engagement.

What varies is how much someone gets involved with those contents. It may be just a single click on “like”. Or a “share” with a deeper thought about it. Maybe you tweet the link. Sometimes even a whole article talking about what you saw. The more powerful the contents are, the bigger the will to spread out what you think about them. For good or for bad.

For my first post on Adverblog, I’d like to talk about Google Project Re:Brief. The trailer for the project speaks for itself.

You must have got curious (I know I did) about seeing the final result of this story. The bad news is that the final documentary is not ready yet. The good news is that we already have the videos and pages of the Coca-Cola and Volvo experiences online.

Yes, I already knew that something very good would be done when I saw the preview. I just did not expect that, while watching the “re-brief” with Harvey Gabor and Coca-Cola, I would have my expectations exceeded. So much by the amazing solution developed in partnership with the creative people at Google as by director’s Doug Pray’s sensitivity while editing the images of the creation process.

And the main thing: the campaign does not end with a beautiful story only. It shows how Google was able to help with the search for such idea. How the professionals at Google got involved in the creative process and which products “by Google” were used in each one of the cases. A campaign that involves and sells, without pushing it. Even more for advertising professionals, who are extremely demanding and critic by nature.

Do I need to say that everything I wrote was based on what I said there on the first paragraph? Watch the video, access the webpage and see for yourself. Who knows, maybe you are going to pass it on too.

* The Volvo history is also incredible. Check it out!
Via André Pinheiro

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