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A smart Facebook scam for good

March 28, 2012 at 1:32 by Martina Comments

Now this is an awesome viral idea: take advantage of a popular scam technique on Facebook to spread the “virus” of AIDS awareness. On December 1st, the World’s AIDS Day, popular Brazilian radio station Mix FM posted on its Facebook page two very sexy videos, featuring a gorgeous man and a very hot girl. A lot of fans were attracted to the the videos and watched them, not being aware that the videos, without their permission, were automatically publicly posted on their Facebook timeline.

The message was sneakily viral exactly as AIDS is and delivered a strong personal message on the importance of never lowering the guard and always wear condoms. The videos were watched over 6000 times before Facebook itself decided (unfortunately) to block the campaign.

For once we can use the words “viral campaign” without the fear of being laughed at.

The agency is Quê Comunicação.


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