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Student’s corner : Death Bet

July 5, 2012 at 9:42 by Bridget Comments

Here’s another interesting project from the same students behind Ray-Ban Bright Light. It’s a smart idea that creates engagement and earns attention about animal cruelty in horse racing.  I like the fact that they have turned the problem on its head and used the betting system itself to get their message across.

They created an alternate betting system - “Death Bet” that dramatised the deadly serious side to horse racing by inviting people to bet on the next horse to die.

Good social mechanics were baked into the idea.  People naturally passed on the message by publishing their bets within facebook.  A creative and engaging way to spread the message.

The promotion and activation ideas were great too - some very sharp copywriting made for hard hitting print executions.

Considering it’s student work, I’m impressed by the quality of the thinking and even the production of the casestudy itself.

Student case from Berghs School of Communication, Stockholm Sweden
Art Director: Michal Sitkiewicz, Eva Wallmark, Andreas Ekelund
Copywriter: Rickard Beskow, Viktor Jacobsson


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