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A Crowd Funding Platform For Award Entries

July 24, 2012 at 1:05 by Mark Comments

Advertising awards and shiny trinkets with your name on them are one the best ways to create a name for yourself in the advertising business.
The problem is submitting creative work to award shows is expensive. Okay if your agency is paying, but what about creative’s personal projects or the young bucks straight out of ad school?
We’re not talking scam or case studies. We are talking about those smart, no budget campaigns or brilliant side projects.
Award Funder believe this type of work should be recognized by the big award shows and the talented creatives behind it be rewarded with a short walk to the big stage.

Award Funder is a crowdfunding platform for advertising award entries. Where everyone who helps fund a case study will get on the credits as an Executive Producer.

Creatives submit a case study at Award Funder, choose one of the big shows and pick a category. The submitted work is then featured at If people like the case study, they back it financially. When enough money is raised to cover the entry fee, Award Funder will handle the administration of your entry and then it’s in the hands of the jury and time to cross those fingers.

If the work wins… it’s good for creative and the people who helped fund the entry.

The AwardFunder Team: Erik Norin, Ben Smith, Jay Whitmore, Adam Boyette

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